The Case of Minnie Turner

Six months ago in the small New England town of Harper’s Crossing, not far outside the New Hope metropolis, an 18-year girl disappeared. The investigation went cold and most assumed she’d run away to the big city. But last week she was found wandering by the river. Her feet and hands were bloodied and her clothes were torn from walking. She has no memory of where she’s been for the last six months and is in a deep state of near catatonic shock, barely responding to questions.

But it’s the markings that have caused a panic in Harper’s Crossing and the neighboring city New Hope. The number “9” is drawn on her arm in the bright red color of fresh blood. It isn’t a tattoo or a scar and it can’t be washed off. From all indications, it’s just a part of her, like a strange birthmark that didn’t show up until now.

The region has seen this before. Twenty years ago, a serial killer terrorized the region. He took seven victims (the first four from New Hope, but the last three from Harper’s Crossing) before being caught. Each of them had a number somewhere on their body, like Minnie Turner, from “1” to “7.”

That serial killer is on death row now and scheduled to be executed in a few months. Is this a copycat? An accomplice? Or did they arrest the wrong man two decades ago?

And what about the number “8”? Is there another victim waiting to be found?

A National Media Circus

The links to one of the most famous serial killers in American history has made this case headline news across the country. The FBI has been called in to help local and state police.

Ghosts and Dreams

At the same time Minnie was found, there was a massive burst of essence and unnatural phenomenon. From one-percenter ceremonial magicians in board rooms and pent houses to coven of witches to psychic seers to necromancers guarding the passage of the dead, the local Gifted all noticed the event.

Ghosts and dreams and premonitions of coming tragedy continue to haunt every Gifted within 50 miles of Harper’s Crossing.

Hidden Heroes

The FBI and police are out of their league. Five local Gifted are drawn together to investigate and stop the killer.

  • The mysterious mayor of Harper’s Crossing who arrived after the killings 20 years ago and has been preparing ever since for the hidden adversary he is sure is behind it to strike again
  • The ghost of the seventh and last original victim who can’t remember her murder and is obsessed with unraveling the mystery
  • The young girl who’s mother was the second victim and whose father abandoned her — she grew up into a necromancer of significant ability, able to see and affect the dead
  • The brilliant but arrogant psychic investigator with a Napoleon complex who has worked closely with the mayor in the past on supernatural cases
  • The local school librarian who was friends with Minnie Harper and is reluctantly drawn out of her low-profile life despite coming from magical royalty

They are the only chance to stop the killer and bring Minnie back from where her spirit is still held captive.

But they have enemies and rivals they know nothing about yet.


This campaign will use Classic Unisystem. In particular, it will use CJC Witchcraft.

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Some Inspirations

This list is by no means complete, but a few prominent inspirations are listed below.

  • Twin Peaks (tv series) and Fire Walk With Me (movie)
  • True Detectives Season 1 (tv series)
  • Hellblazer (comics)
  • Unknown Armies (RPG)
  • Chronicles of Darkness (RPG)

The Case of Minnie Turner

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