Adam Hoffman

Nighteen's Rosicrucian father


Adam Hoffman is a Rosicrucian magician living in New Hope. He is married to Darya Park and they live together in the nouveau-riche Blackgate neighborhood, but live largely separate lives. He is the father of Nighteen Hoffman. Like his wife, he thinks that she is wasting her potential, but he is much more laid-back about it. He gets along with Nighteen better than Darya (which annoys Darya more than she lets on).

Adam is a successful businessman and an almost stereotypical Rosicrucian in a three-piece suit. He is friendly, but arrogant and shallow.

Adam suspects that someone has infiltrated the Rosicrucian leadership and is working with a few friends to discover who it is and root them out. He’s right, of course, but doesn’t yet know that it’s Nathan Lacroix and Edwin Danforth Stowell or that it’s the Knights Templar.

Adam is friendly with Eli Turnbow (who is also part of his alliance seeking the infiltrator).


Adam Hoffman

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