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The Gifted

Since the dawn of time, there have been people with the power to see and do things beyond the reach of others. They were accepted as shamans and medicine men, priests and sorcerers, hunted and reviled as witches, or mocked and institutionalized as madmen. They are the Gifted. Psychics and magicians, summoners of spirits or miracle-wielding saints, they are the selected few who can interact with the Otherworlds. In theory, all humans have the potential to use these abilities; the Spark of Creation is in each of our souls. What most people lack is the will and the knowledge to make use of it. By choice or circumstance, the Gifted have managed to unleash this potentiality and are now able to influence the world around them in strange and marvelous ways.

The source of the powers of the Gifted lies in Essence, the primal force and element of reality. The Gifted are attuned to the flows of Essence, and they can hold and manipulate these energies, the powers of Creation itself. This attunement allows them to see many hidden truths, and to perform incredible feats.

This power does not come without a price, however. Being of the Gifted entails giving up the blindness that comforts and protects the mundane. In a world where monsters prowl in the shadows, ignorance is bliss. Knowing too much is always dangerous; there are those who will do anything to protect their secrets. Moreover, something about their very nature makes the Gifted more likely to become involved in strange and dangerous situations. Perhaps their link to the currents of Essence somehow leads the Gifted toward places and incidents where those flows are strongest. Perhaps they are “guided” by the Hand of Fate, God’s Will, or some Greater Power. In any event, no matter how much the Gifted try to lead quiet, peaceful lives, they will eventually find themselves in bizarre and life-threatening situations and adventures. As a result, many actively search out such situations, hoping at least to deal with them on their own terms.

The Gifted are the central characters of WitchCraft. Like the witches of old, they are often misunderstood and persecuted. In their hands is the power to save or destroy, to heal the world or send it to its doom.

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