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A World of Magic and Secrets

This campaign is using the world and the rules from Eden Studio’s excellent WitchCraft RPG (using the classic version of the Unisystem system).

A Supernatural Mystery

When Minnie Turner turns up near catatonic with the same ritual markings used by a serial killer two decades earlier, a cascade of events is kicked off that will end in disaster if the player characters can’t figure out what’s really happening and put a stop to it.

The Player Characters

(Character creation is still underway, so this section is subject to change. We’ll also link to the characters’ pages once completed.)

  • Edwin Danforth Stowell: The mysterious mayor of Harper’s Crossing who arrived after the killings 20 years ago and has been preparing ever since for the hidden adversary he is sure is behind it to strike again
  • Violet Holmes: The ghost of the third original victim who can’t remember her murder and is obsessed with unraveling the mystery
  • Lina Harper: The young child, who was orphaned as a toddler when her mother was killed and her father abandoned her, has grown up into a necromancer of significant ability, able to see and affect the dead
  • Brian McRae: The brilliant but arrogant psychic investigator with a Napoleon complex who has worked closely with the mayor in the past on supernatural cases
  • Nighteen Hoffman: The local school librarian who was friends with Minnie Harper and is reluctantly drawn into out of her low-profile life despite coming from magical royalty

Get Started

Use the toolbar at the top of this page (or the links below) to navigate through the campaign wiki.

  • Story So Far takes you to an overview of the sessions so far, including links to the session write-ups. You can also click on the Adventure Log link to the left to skip the overview and go straight to the logs.
  • Groups takes you to an overview of the factions and groups that are part of this campaign, both mundane and magical.
  • Places takes you to a list of locations and places you should know.
  • Setting includes an overview of the larger WitchCraft setting with details that add context to events in the campaign, but aren’t necessarily directly part of the campaign.
  • System is about the rules we’ll be using, including an overview of the system and which optional subsystems and house rules we are using.

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