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Necromancy — Touching the Dead

Necromancy evokes visions of dark magic, the raising of the Dead for unspeakable purposes, and worse. In reality, for most of human history, Necromancy was merely a form of divination, involving communicating with the spirits of the dead to learn about the past, present or future.

Necromancy is the power Mediums use to traffic with the spirits of the dead. Necromancy at its lowest levels is mostly used for information on the past, and to some degree about the future. More powerful Mediums can also control spirits, harm and even destroy them, and tap into their power. Popular mythology to the contrary, in the world of WitchCraft, Necromancy is not inherently evil, nor does it involve dealing with demonic forces. Like all other Gifted Powers, it can be used for good as well as for evil.

Necromancy combines some elements of Magic with aspects of the Sight. At its root, it is an inborn power. One can either work Necromancy, or one cannot. At the same time, however, developing the Art requires learning and achieving a greater understanding of the forces of the cycle of life and death. The higher-level powers of Necromancy are enabled by Essence, which requires either Essence Channeling or the use of rituals and other mystical aids. Further, all the Sources of Power, and all things that benefit or hinder Essence in Magic also help or bother Necromancers. Unlike Magic, most Necromantic powers will only work on the spirits of the dead, not on other spirits, such as elementals, nature spirits and the like.

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