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The Rosicrucians

The Rosicrucians are a well-organized group of magicians who work together to learn more lore, gain more power, and protect and help each other.

Local Rosicrucians

Most of the Rosicrucians are centered around New Hope, though some are scattered around, including in Harpers Crossing.

New Hope

Harpers Crossing


The highly-organized Order of the Rose Cross came into being before the Middle Ages, and has existed in secret for centuries, despite the claims of dozens of self-styled “Rosicrucian” organizations who operate in public. The true Rosicrucians are magicians who are concerned with the well being of all their fellow Order members, and with the acquisition of more knowledge. They are wealthy magicians, although they spend too much time in scholarly researches to become prominent businessmen or politicians. Of late, many Rosicrucians have become more concerned with the increase in supernatural activity in the world, and are trying to do something about it.

The typical Rosicrucian is a “mystic yuppie.” Like the Wicce, most Rosicrucians belong to a family line of magicians, but these families are much more structured. The average Rosicrucian grew up in an upper class background, attended an expensive private school, and went to college for at least four years, typically specializing in history, archaeology and exotic languages. Around her nineteenth or twentieth birthday, she was inducted into the Order after the Rosicrucians had determined that the candidate had the requisite thirst for knowledge, magical potential, and discretion.

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