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The Wicce

The Wicce are the real “witches” of myth and legend. Among their number are Magicians, Seers and Mediums.

Local Wicce of Note


The Wicce are an ancient magical tradition that has endured for thousands of years. Rebels, questioners and healers, the Wicce are firm believers in balance: for every action there is a reaction or consequence, and no one should do anything if she is not prepared to face the consequences.

Wicce often belong to a family line of witches; the secrets of magic are traditionally passed from parent to sibling, usually at the age of maturity. The actual age of maturity varies widely, from fourteen to twenty-one, depending on the tradition of the particular family. While growing up, young Wicce children are taught the rudiments of pagan beliefs, but are seldom instructed in any magical practices.

Typical Wicce grow up in unconventional settings. Even before learning of the power of magic, they are raised to venerate nature, to question things, and to be responsible and self-reliant. At the age of maturity, they are trained in the ways of magic if they have the potential to do so. Not everyone has the natural ability to channel Essence, even amongst ancient witch bloodlines. Most Wicce are minor Gifted who share the beliefs and philosophy of the Covenant, and who assist their Gifted brethren in any way they can. Even most “mundane” Wicce know some Magical Rituals and Invocations. This knowledge allows even those without the ability to channel Essence to work Magic, although weakly and with unpredictable results. A few have no knowledge of Magic, and simply share the beliefs of the Wicce.

Local Wicce

There are a few Wicce covens in the area. They are all familiar with each other and often cooperate, but as is typical among the Wicce have no overarching organization and no coven is “in charge.”

New Hope Covens

Coven Face(s) Location(s) Description
Drover’s Park Coven Maya Ramsey / Natalie Tatro Drover’s Park The oldest and most influential coven
Blackgate Coven Darya Park Blackgate Wealthy, upper-class coven
Lockam Coven TBD Lockam slums Coven on poor Southside, largely ethnic

There are three main covens in New Hope:

The oldest and most influential is the Drover’s Park coven in Drover’s Park (the oldest neighborhood in New Hope). It is lead by the High Priestess Maya Ramsey. She is one of the most powerful magicians in the region and comes fro ma long line of powerful Wicce. She considers herself and her coven to have a responsibility for the region as a whole. Maya is respected but also generally disliked for being “arrogant” and “uptight.” Natalie Tatro is opposite of Maya In temperament and is almost universally liked. Natalie loves and looks up to Maya and is frequently trying to recast Maya’s words and actions in a more positive light.

The second most significant coven is the Blackgate Coven (in the Blackgate community on the wealthy Northwest “Nob Hill” area in New Hope). It is influential more for the wealth of its members than for magical or psychic ability.

The third major coven is the Lockam Coven. It is made up of mostly Latino, Eastern European, and Black Wicce. While they meet in Lockam slums, they draw membership from all over the working class southern side of the city.

Other Covens

There are no other covens between New Hope and Harpers Crossing, though there are other rural and suburban covens in other areas.

There used to be a coven in Cranston, but they were greatly weakened helping to stop Kevin Meadows twenty years ago, and never recovered. Over the next six years, they dwindled away.

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