Dr. Thaddeus Stevens

Head surgeon at Cranston County Hospital (secret Knight Templar)


Dr. Stevens’ daughter, Amelia Stevens, was the fourth victim of Kevin Meadows.

He knows all of the PCs at least a little:

  • Edwin Danforth Stowell – Edwin drafted Dr. Stevens into the Knights Templar as a low-level operative. Dr. Stevens doesn’t know much about the Templars’ true goals and doesn’t know any other Templars besides Edwin.
  • Lina Harper – Edwin and Lina have met a couple times as fellow family members of victims. Also, she has heard stories about how in the first years after the murders, Edwin somehow found out about the Twilight Order and begged them to contact his daughter’s ghost. She wasn’t a ghost so they couldn’t. The Twilight Order was sympathetic until he became aggressive. They are still understanding, but won’t talk to him.
  • Violet Holmes – Edwin knows Violet is a ghost, though he has no ability to sense or see ghosts on his own. He went to several mediums in a quest to contact his daughter and in one seance he briefly talked to Violet.
  • Brian McRae – While both working for Edwin, the two have met briefly. They don’t know each other well, but recognize each by sight and know both have connections to Edwin.
  • Night – Dr. Stevens spent time in Harpers Crossing for the victim meetings and while there showed an interested in the library’s archives

Dr. Thaddeus Stevens

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