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Covenants — Gifted Groups

Group Face(s) Location(s) Description
Rosicrucians Eli Turnbow Harper Mansion Wealthy magicians seeking magical knowledge
Wicce Natalie Tatro TBD The real “witches” of myth and legend
Cabal of the Psyche TBD TBD Society of seers and psychics
Twilight Order Gabriel Silva Spiritual Guidance Center Mediums guarding the lands of the living
Sentinels TBD TBD Holy warriors fighting the occult and monsters
House of Thanatos Arianna Moncada TBD Necromancers and undead seeking to transcend death
Knights Templar Nathan Lacroix TBD Secret society at war with the Combine
Combine TBD TBD Secret organization hostile to the Gifted

Mundane Groups

Group Face(s) Location(s) Description
HC Officials TBD TBD Harpers Crossing elected and appointed officials
HC Sherrif Dept Sheriff Brown TBD Harper’s Crossing sherrif department
HC Locals Trevon Caraballo TBD Locals of note in Harpers Crossing
Cranston PD Shamar Parish TBD Cranston police department
NH City Hall TBD TBD New Hope City Hall and officials
NHPD Morgan Fredericks TBD New Hope police department
FBI Tom Garland TBD FBI team sent to investigate

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